Beautiful reading from Veronica.

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Roo thought it was great to listen to Veronica read again – she is such a lovely reader and makes a special effort to show Roo all the pictures as well!



Nice to hear you read again Veronica!

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It’s been a while – and Roo was really pleased to see Veronica had made an appointment to read to him again. ┬áVeronica is a great, confident reader, and Roo listened very carefully to the story she had to tell.

Hope to see you again real soon Veronica!

Great to meet up with you again Veronica!

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vIt was really lovely to hear Veronica read again – it’s been a while since she has visited the library – so Roo was really pleased to say ‘hello’ again.

Hope to see you soon Veronica!

Veronica came to read to Roo.

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veronica veronica1Roo had a special visit from Veronica, who came to the library just to read to Roo.

Veronica is a great reader, and Roo very much enjoyed the story that she selected and read to him.

Thanks for Reading to Roo, Veronica!