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Sajge is such a fantastic reader!

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Sajge is always such an awesome reader and selector of fantastic books for Roo to listen to!  We really appreciate your reading sessions Sajge!



Wonderful to hear you read again Sajge!

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Sagje had a great break with her family, and Roo was most pleased to see that she was back again in Term 3 to read more wonderful stories!


Amos had a fantastic holiday – and did some excellent reading

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Amos was the first person in Term 3 to book a reading session with Roo.  Always a fan of the graphic novels, Amos did some lovely reading and said he had a fantastic holiday break with his family.

Great to hear you read again Amos – see you soon!

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Nice to meet you Jahua!

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Jahua’s family are massive supporters of Otara Library, so it was great when Jahua managed to book a session to read to Roo.

Roo was pretty lucky – not only is Jahua a fantastic reader, she is also a big fan of dogs, so Roo got plenty of pats and cuddles as well!

Hope to see you again soon, Jahua!


Fantastic to hear Justina reading again.

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It was awesome to finally catch up with Justina again – especially to hear her read a wonderful story.  See you again in Term 3, Justina!


Hiramaia and his Mum came to read with Roo!

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Hiramaia and his Mum came and a made a special appointment to see Roo after school. Roo was most impressed with Hiramaia’s reading skills – he is such a talented five year old!

Hope to see you again soon Hiramaia and Mum!

A lovely story from Sajge.

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Sajge continues to select wonderful new books to read to Roo on a regular basis.  It’s always awesome to hear you read Sajge!