Janet read two different books to Roo.

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Janet is just on a roll when it comes to reading – and she is really concentrating on making the reading sessions as special as possible for Roo – including showing him all the pictures and the characters in the book.



Thanks for the great storytime, Janet.

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Beautiful reading once more from Janet – and Roo really appreciated seeing all the pictures of those cheeky pigs in mud!

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Lovely to listen to you read Janet!

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Roo thought it was really cool that Janet booked another reading session with him.  Janet is a lovely reader and Roo thinks she is gaining more and more confidence all the time.  Great storytelling Janet!  Hope to see you again real soon.

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Amazing storytelling from Octavia.

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Octavia is such an amazing storyteller – and her reading sessions with Roo are a real delight. She always makes sure that Roo can see the pictures in the book – and for this session she read him the wonderful classic We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.  Roo thought Octavia was a great reader, but would prefer to go on a rabbit hunt instead of big scary bears …

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Bairds Kindy came to have a special reading session with Roo!

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Something really special happened this week – some of the children that attend Bairds Kindergarten came down with their teachers for a very special reading session with Roo.

Amiria, Krystibella, Lola, Samara, Sovea and Tyrayna are all emerging readers aged around 4 years ( a year younger than Roo) yet they choose the best books and could tell the best stories using the pictures and their super story-telling skills!  Roo was incredibly impressed with their lovely manners and great reading – and looks forward to meeting them all again at the next reading session.

Thanks for the lovely pictures Bairds Kindy – you guys are all awesome!


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Lovely reading from Sajge

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s2 - CopySajge is a great friend to Roo, and always makes time to read him a number of books before her music lessons. Roo always enjoys listening to Sajge read and get some nice pats afterwards.

Octavia is a great storyteller and reader!

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Octavia always makes such an effort when she comes to Roo, and really delivers her excellent storytelling skills in each session.  The lovely cuddles from Octavia that come after the reading are always a real favourite as well.

Thanks Octavia!