Beautiful reading from Veronica.

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Roo thought it was great to listen to Veronica read again – she is such a lovely reader and makes a special effort to show Roo all the pictures as well!



Isiah finally got to read with Roo!

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Yippee!  It was awesome when Isiah and Roo could finally have a reading session together!  Roo was most impressed with Isiah’s reading, especially since Isiah decided that one book was not enough – and choose another one as well!

Great reading Isiah – and look forward to listening to you again real soon!

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Nice to hear you read again Veronica!

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It’s been a while – and Roo was really pleased to see Veronica had made an appointment to read to him again.  Veronica is a great, confident reader, and Roo listened very carefully to the story she had to tell.

Hope to see you again real soon Veronica!

Bethlene and Justina always read beautifully.

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Roo is always pleased to listen to his great friends, Justina and Bethlene. Both girls read beautifully and always like to spend some time with Roo when they are in the library.



Justina read two different stories to Roo

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Justina read two very different books to Roo this session; one about a caterpillar, and one about washing your hair!  Great reading Justina, and we will see you again real soon.j


Thanks for reading to Roo, Sela!

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s2It is always such a neat moment when new friends come to read books to Roo. Sela has been watching others for a while now, and decided it was high time she booked a session and read some stories to Roo as well.
Roo was very pleased to meet Sela, and hopes to see her again soon – as she is an awesome reader and a great selector of wonderful books.

Great reading from Erika.

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Erika’s reading is just improving so rapidly, that Roo is most impressed.  Erika always selects really nice stories as well as give nice pats.

Keep up the excellent efforts Erika!