Vae-Rose came in to read to Roo.

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It was really awesome when Vae-Rose came by to do a session of reading with Roo.  Being a library regular, and excellent reader, Vae-Rose choose a story which Roo enjoyed listening to.

Thanks for reading with Roo, Vae-Rose!



Eden read and Roo listened.

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It was really great when Eden came to the library, and jumped at the opportunity to read a story to Roo.  Eden is a fantastic, confident reader, and selected a book that Roo really enjoyed.

Thanks Eden!

Veronica came to read to Roo.

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veronica veronica1Roo had a special visit from Veronica, who came to the library just to read to Roo.

Veronica is a great reader, and Roo very much enjoyed the story that she selected and read to him.

Thanks for Reading to Roo, Veronica!

Raymond is such an excellent reader.

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raymond1It’s always great to have Raymond reading his selection of books to Roo, as he is such an excellent reader.

Thanks for visiting once again, Raymond!

Jacqui ensures Roo can see all the pictures in the book!

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Roo is always pleased to see Jacqui again – she always selects such great stories, and to make things extra special, Jacqui loves to lay down beside Roo and show him all the pictures in the book.



Roo hopes that Jacqui will continue to read him many more stories in 2014.  Thanks heaps Jacqui!

Roo loves Willie’s fantastic reading.

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 Willie is such a fantastic reader, that Roo just falls asleep listening to him.  Thanks so much for coming to read to Roo again, Willie!

Justina and Roo read together

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justina justina2JPG  Justina sat down and read some books to Roo after-school. 

 She took extra care to ensure that Roo could see all the pictures in the book as well listening to the words.