Vae-Rose came in to read to Roo.

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It was really awesome when Vae-Rose came by to do a session of reading with Roo.  Being a library regular, and excellent reader, Vae-Rose choose a story which Roo enjoyed listening to.

Thanks for reading with Roo, Vae-Rose!



Rebecca read a selection of books to Roo!

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It was really great to see Rebecca again!  Instead of reading just one story to Roo, Rebecca selected four books, all on different topics, that she thought Roo would enjoy. Rebecca is such and excellent reader, that time just flies by!

Thanks for reading to Roo, Rebecca.

Misiolo introduced Roo to zombies.

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imageMisiolo thought it was high time to introduce Roo to some teen fiction – around the theme of man- eating zombies.  Roo was quite thankful that no dogs were eaten by the zombies.

Thanks for reading to Roo, Misiolo.

Eden read and Roo listened.

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It was really great when Eden came to the library, and jumped at the opportunity to read a story to Roo.  Eden is a fantastic, confident reader, and selected a book that Roo really enjoyed.

Thanks Eden!

Veronica came to read to Roo.

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veronica veronica1Roo had a special visit from Veronica, who came to the library just to read to Roo.

Veronica is a great reader, and Roo very much enjoyed the story that she selected and read to him.

Thanks for Reading to Roo, Veronica!

Tatiana read in te reo Maori – awesome!

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Tatiana has become the first person ro read to Roo in te reo Maori!   Roo was incredibly impressed with Tatiana’s fluency in two languages, and appreciated her translations into English to help him understand the story.  Tatiana selected Te Mihini Iti Kowhai as her story – and Roo thought the dog in the story was very cool as well.

Thanks Tatiana, you are awesome!tatianaJPG

Roo listened to Nane read a story.

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 Nane dropped in to read a story to Roo as well – encouraged by her younger sister, Josey.

While Nane was reading, her and Josey’s Dad came in and got the girls memberships to the library – awesome Dad!

Thanks for reading to Roo, Nane!