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Great to hear you reading again Matilda!

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mRoo thought it was pretty cool when Matilda finally made it back to the library and booked a reading session with him.
We look forward to seeing you again real soon Matilda!


Octavia is a great storyteller!

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octOctavia, who is now extremely busy with her school work, tries to book a session with Roo whenever she can. Octavia always works hard to make the storytime as fantastic as possible for Roo, and always shows him the pictures in the book!

Sajge has completed the challenge!

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sajgeSajge has finished Roo’s Reading Challenge with great style and was very pleased with her certificate and bag of goodies! Even though she has completed everything, Sajge continues to take as many opportunities as possible to read to Roo.

Roo thinks you are awesome Sajge!

Our television stars … still Reading with Roo!

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Here are some of our good looking  televisions stars,  continuing to read with Roo.These fantastic readers  return time and time again to read a wonderful selection of stories.  Justina, Erika and Selena all just adore Roo!


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