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Thanks for the lovely reading Bethlene!

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Mikalah and her brother Henry came to read with Roo.

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mh mh2Mikalah and her little brother Henry made a special appointment to come and see Roo – and Roo was delighted to meet them.  Mikalah read a wide selection of stories – and Henry made sure that no pages or words were missed out!



Bethlene and Justina always read beautifully.

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Roo is always pleased to listen to his great friends, Justina and Bethlene. Both girls read beautifully and always like to spend some time with Roo when they are in the library.



Lovely reading from Sajge

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s2 - CopySajge is a great friend to Roo, and always makes time to read him a number of books before her music lessons. Roo always enjoys listening to Sajge read and get some nice pats afterwards.

Awesome to hear you read again, Kahnyell

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It is always awesome when Kahnyell takes some time to read to Roo.  Roo really enjoys the story times with Kahnyell, who is a great reader and storyteller.

Thanks for reading with Roo, Kahnyell, hope to see you again soon!

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Tiana shared a book with Roo.

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Tiana came down to the library for the school holidays, and also took some time to read to Roo.  She selected a book about wild dogs living in prairies of Africa, and Roo was very interested in the lives of dogs so far away from New Zealand.

Tiana read beautifully and shared the pictures with Roo.  Thanks Tiana!