Faith read some more books to Roo.

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It was really neat to have Faith read even more stories to Roo!  Faith is a great reader, carefully selecting books with pictures that Roo may enjoy – this particular book’s character had very googly eyes that really stared out!

Thanks for reading to Roo, Faith, and hope to see you again at after school time!



Roo listened carefully to Emi’s story.

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 Emi had come to our library only once before, but when she saw the board displaying Reading with Roo, she jumped at the opportunity to book a session.  Emi is a really fantastic and confident reader, and her selection of books to read to Roo were spot on.  Roo was really happy that Emi took some time to read to him.

We hope to see you again soon, Emi!



Rebecca read a selection of books to Roo!

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It was really great to see Rebecca again!  Instead of reading just one story to Roo, Rebecca selected four books, all on different topics, that she thought Roo would enjoy. Rebecca is such and excellent reader, that time just flies by!

Thanks for reading to Roo, Rebecca.

Eden read and Roo listened.

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It was really great when Eden came to the library, and jumped at the opportunity to read a story to Roo.  Eden is a fantastic, confident reader, and selected a book that Roo really enjoyed.

Thanks Eden!

Raymond is such an excellent reader.

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raymond1It’s always great to have Raymond reading his selection of books to Roo, as he is such an excellent reader.

Thanks for visiting once again, Raymond!

Roo listened to Nane read a story.

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 Nane dropped in to read a story to Roo as well – encouraged by her younger sister, Josey.

While Nane was reading, her and Josey’s Dad came in and got the girls memberships to the library – awesome Dad!

Thanks for reading to Roo, Nane!

Justina is a regular reader to Roo!

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justina4  Justina reads to Roo on a weekly basis, and always chooses a variety of interesting stories – Justina never reads the same book twice!  Roo thinks that Justina’s reading is just brilliant, and looks forward to more sessions with her.

Thanks Justina!   justina6