Hiramaia and his Mum came to read with Roo!

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Hiramaia and his Mum came and a made a special appointment to see Roo after school. Roo was most impressed with Hiramaia’s reading skills – he is such a talented five year old!

Hope to see you again soon Hiramaia and Mum!


Matthew and his mum took time to read to Roo!

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Roo met Matthew and his mum for the first time this week, and Matthew was pretty enthusiastic when he saw Roo!  Matthew’s mum read some lovely stories for her son and for Roo, and Roo listened carefully while Matthew counted the pages on his fingers!


Lina and her Mum read Roo a story together.

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It was lovely to have Lina and her Mum read Roo a book together.  They read so well, that Roo thought it was bedtime and fell asleep.

Thanks Lina and Mum – it was great to have you read to Roo.