Its always great to read with Bethlene and Roo.

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As always, Bethlene reads such fantastic stories to Roo!


Our lovely friends from Bairds Kindy read Roo some stories.

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It was wonderful to meet our lovely friends from Bairds Kindergarten again.  They all walked down together with their teachers just to come to the library, select books to take out, and have the opportunity to read stories to Roo.

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Bethlene and Justina always read beautifully.

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Roo is always pleased to listen to his great friends, Justina and Bethlene. Both girls read beautifully and always like to spend some time with Roo when they are in the library.



Justina read two different stories to Roo

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Justina read two very different books to Roo this session; one about a caterpillar, and one about washing your hair!  Great reading Justina, and we will see you again real soon.j


Beautiful reading from Mele and her sister Masina.

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Mele is such a lovely reader, and it was really nice to meet her younger sister Masina as well!  Masina and Mele read some books to Roo together, which was very impressive – and then the girls gave Roo some lovely kisses before they left.

Thanks Mele and Masina – hope to see you again soon.

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Reading with Justina is always so much fun.

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juJustina is always such an awesome reader and friend to Roo – they always enjoy each other’s company!

Misilei read a great story to Roo.

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It’s always fantastic to make friends, and Roo was very pleased to meet Misilei, who read a book to him for the very first time.  Miselei really likes dogs, and Roo was most impressed with his reading as well.

See you again soon Misilei!