Nice to see you again Enyah!

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Wow – inbetween all her school work and music lessons, Enyah still managed to book a reading session with Roo as well! Enyah is such an awesome reader, and Roo really enjoys catching up with her and listening to Enyah’s wonderful storytelling skills!



Thanks for reading to Roo, Enyah!

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Enyah is just such a wonderful reader to listen to – especially when she reads the books with rhyming narratives!  Thanks for the great storytelling Enyah – Roo hopes to see you again soon.e

Enyah took some time to read to Roo.

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It was great to see Enyah reading again with Roo!  Enyah is a confident reader and fantastic narrator, who always ensures that Roo can see the pictures in the book as well.

Hope to listen to you reading again soon Enyah!

Enyah read Roo a couple of books.

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It is always awesome when Enyah takes some time out of her extremely busy schedule to read to Roo. She always selects a number of books, and takes such care, showing Roo all the illustrations as well.

It is always fantastic to have you read with Too, Enyah!


Enyah is one of Roo’s greatest supporters.

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Roo has known Enyah for a short time now, and she has become one of his greatest supporters.  She always tries to make time at every opportunity to read with Roo, and encourages everyone else to do the same!

Enyah’s reading skills are matched with her great ability to encourage other friends from her school to join up in Reading with Roo.  Through Enyah, Roo has made many more friends, and Roo thinks this is awesome.


Thanks for reading with Roo, Enyah.

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Enyah is such an awesome reader, and an excellent storyteller, as she always involves Roo in the book that she is reading to him.

Roo thinks it is fantastic that Enyah reads to him at every opportunity she gets. Thanks for always thinking of Roo, Enyah!