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Roo’s wonderful friends from Bairds Kindergarten came to read with him!

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Roo’s regular weekly appointment with some of the gorgeous kids from Bairds Kindergarten is a real delight.  These budding readers always look forward to sharing their selection of books with Roo – and he always listens carefully to the stories they can create from the pictures and identifying of letters and words.

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Our lovely friends from Bairds Kindy read Roo some stories.

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It was wonderful to meet our lovely friends from Bairds Kindergarten again.  They all walked down together with their teachers just to come to the library, select books to take out, and have the opportunity to read stories to Roo.

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Bairds Kindy came to have a special reading session with Roo!

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Something really special happened this week – some of the children that attend Bairds Kindergarten came down with their teachers for a very special reading session with Roo.

Amiria, Krystibella, Lola, Samara, Sovea and Tyrayna are all emerging readers aged around 4 years ( a year younger than Roo) yet they choose the best books and could tell the best stories using the pictures and their super story-telling skills!  Roo was incredibly impressed with their lovely manners and great reading – and looks forward to meeting them all again at the next reading session.

Thanks for the lovely pictures Bairds Kindy – you guys are all awesome!


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