Wow! Roo received a special parcel from Japan!

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Something really amazing happened at work this morning – a parcel arrived for Roo and the children of Otara all the way from Japan!  Roo learnt that there is a group of students in Nagoya studying English, and they used an article featuring Roo as a teaching tool.  Their lovely teacher sent a parcel of books to our library and an accompanying letter explaining how our programme ‘Reading With Roo’ was received by the Japanese students.

We are all pretty excited by this, and will use some of the books and the origami papers these school holidays to teach the Otara library kids some interesting things about Japan!


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Thanks for the lovely reading Bethlene!

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Roo’s wonderful friends from Bairds Kindergarten came to read with him!

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Roo’s regular weekly appointment with some of the gorgeous kids from Bairds Kindergarten is a real delight.  These budding readers always look forward to sharing their selection of books with Roo – and he always listens carefully to the stories they can create from the pictures and identifying of letters and words.

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Sajge is such a fantastic reader!

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Sajge is always such an awesome reader and selector of fantastic books for Roo to listen to!  We really appreciate your reading sessions Sajge!


Janet read two different books to Roo.

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Janet is just on a roll when it comes to reading – and she is really concentrating on making the reading sessions as special as possible for Roo – including showing him all the pictures and the characters in the book.


Great to meet you Tarita!

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Hurray!  Roo and Tarita finally managed to get a session reading together.  Tarita is a lovely reader, and really likes dogs as well, so Roo felt extra special.  Hope to see you again real soon, Tarita.

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