Feedback and Comments


These are a selection of comments written by many of Roo’s friends – many of who return to read to him again and again.  Roo is proud to say that he has a 100% positive feedback rating!


“Thank you Roo! Thank you for listening to me and remaining seated.  I love you and you are an awesome dog. P.S: See you soon.”

“Reading with Roo has been great for my 6yr old.  She has improved in reading and gained lots of confidence.  She has moved up 4 reading levels at school in a short time and has a new love of reading and also loves our trips to the library to find new books.  She loves Roo and enjoys this programme.”

“Roo is really cool.  I like reading to him and his owner is really nice.  Thank you!”

‘Dear Roo. I was scared of you at first, but then you were amazing to read to.  And I liked reading to you because you are very cute and calm.  Thank you Roo and Pritcilla.”

“I love you Roo, thanks for listening to me”

“Dear Roo, You are a very nice dog and I would love to read with you again.”

“Roo, I wish you were my dog.  I love you.”

“Roo is the best.”

“I love reading with Roo because Roo enjoys listening to my stories.”

“I think this is an awesome programme for the children to take part in.  My daughter hates reading and I have a hard time at home to get her to read, but after meeting up with Roo it has actually changed her attitude towards reading,  She now reads at home and loves spending time at the library.  Thank you so much and keep up the good work.”

“Roo is cool, awesome.  I wish he is my dog, I love him so much.”

“Reading with Roo was an incredible opportunity, and I am looking forward to reading to him again.  Roo is a very calm, beautiful greyhound.”

“I think that Roo really enjoys my reading, so he definetly needs a good present.”

“I love reading with Roo.  It is awesome.”

“I enjoyed reading to Roo because it is fun and I get to practice my reading of stories to him.  He listens to me and he is very respectful and doesn’t run away.”

“I love that my son enjoys reading, and he is also no longer afraid of dogs.”

“I really like reading to Roo because he is so cute!  He helps me read better.  He makes me happy.  He makes me feel like I am reading to a friend.  He has helped me with my speeches at school.  It was really hard for me to do my speeches, but since I have been reading to Roo, it has been easier.”

“I like reading with Roo and patting his soft fur.”

“Roo is really nice and sweet and he listens to you honestly.  It will make you good at reading.”




2 thoughts on “Feedback and Comments

    Ernie Needham said:
    July 7, 2014 at 3:22 pm

    Hello, I recently read the article in the Hutt News and was very impressed. I have a greyhound, Leroy, and think he would be perfectly suited for this task as we have done some therapy work in retirement homes. Is there a program in the wellington region and, if not, can we get one going?

      readingroo responded:
      July 7, 2014 at 4:52 pm

      Hi to Leroy the greyhound! Roo suggest you have a chat to your local library and see what can be done. Reading dogs are awesome. 🙂

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