Month: August 2014

Thanks for the great storytime, Janet.

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Beautiful reading once more from Janet – and Roo really appreciated seeing all the pictures of those cheeky pigs in mud!

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Mikalah and her brother Henry came to read with Roo.

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mh mh2Mikalah and her little brother Henry made a special appointment to come and see Roo – and Roo was delighted to meet them.  Mikalah read a wide selection of stories – and Henry made sure that no pages or words were missed out!



Nice to meet you Pouono!

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Pouono is another of Roo’s new friends, and a great reader as well.  Pouono read Roo a beautiful story and gave lots of lovely pats during her reading reading session – thanks for reading with Roo, Pouono.


A big welcome to Hekaitepo!

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Roo loves making new friends and listening to new stories – and it was awesome for him to finally meet Hekaitepo.  Hekaitepo is a great reader and selector of good books – Roo hopes to meet up again with him real soon.


Isiah finally got to read with Roo!

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Yippee!  It was awesome when Isiah and Roo could finally have a reading session together!  Roo was most impressed with Isiah’s reading, especially since Isiah decided that one book was not enough – and choose another one as well!

Great reading Isiah – and look forward to listening to you again real soon!

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Lovely to listen to you read Janet!

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Roo thought it was really cool that Janet booked another reading session with him.  Janet is a lovely reader and Roo thinks she is gaining more and more confidence all the time.  Great storytelling Janet!  Hope to see you again real soon.

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Thanks for reading, Bethlene

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Roo always thinks listening to Bethlene is a real treat – she is such a fantastic reader, and a really good friend to Roo as well!