Month: July 2014

Aydenn read a whole lot of books wonderfully!

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Its always awesome to catch up with Aydenn and listen to her read a wide selection of books.  Aydenn is a great reader, and a great friend to Roo!

Thanks for reading Aydenn, see you again real soon.



Aukuso read Roo two different books.

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au1Roo was thrilled to meet up with Aukuso again – and it was neat that Aukuso really wanted to read without his brother there! Aukuso just happens to be a great reader as well, and Roo enjoyed the selection of books that Aukuso selected to read to him.

Awesome reading Aukuso!

Amos read two books in one.

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aAmos found a cool two-books-in-one story starring Spongebob Squarepants – all you had to do was turn it upside down for a new story. Thanks for reading with roo, Amos, it’s always great to listen to you read!

Patolo and Aukuso read some books together.

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Patolo is now a regular reader with Roo, and it was awesome to see him encourage his younger brother Aukuso into reading as well.  Roo was most impressed with Aukuso’s reading skills, and hopes to see both boys again very soon.

Thank you Aukuso and Patolo – you guys are awesome!

Misilei read a great story to Roo.

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It’s always fantastic to make friends, and Roo was very pleased to meet Misilei, who read a book to him for the very first time.  Miselei really likes dogs, and Roo was most impressed with his reading as well.

See you again soon Misilei!


Mele read a lovely story to Roo.

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It is always lovely to hear Mele read, and with every reading session, Roo is always impressed because Mele is just gettting better and better at reading all the time!

Keep up the awesome reading Mele, and see you again soon.


Octavia is a great storyteller and reader!

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Octavia always makes such an effort when she comes to Roo, and really delivers her excellent storytelling skills in each session.  The lovely cuddles from Octavia that come after the reading are always a real favourite as well.

Thanks Octavia!