What Roo gets up to in the weekends

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A lot of Roo’s friends and people who come to the library always ask what Roo does in the weekends?  Does he spend all his time reading Shakespeare?  Sleeping? Stay at the library when it is shut? …

Well, Roo though he would put up some pictures from his personal photo album to let his friends know that yes, he does get out and about!

Sometimes Roo meets up with his doggie friends and goes for walks and playtime … here he is with a small friend (thanks for the photo Darryl)

k y

And here is playing chase with another greyhound, named Yuuko (thanks for the photo, Grace).

Sometimes Roo goes to the beach, which he really loves!


After a big run, Roo does really enjoy chilling out on his custom-made bed  … even if sometimes he looks a bit silly when his tongue falls out of his mouth!




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