Month: June 2014

Great to meet up with you again Veronica!

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vIt was really lovely to hear Veronica read again – it’s been a while since she has visited the library – so Roo was really pleased to say ‘hello’ again.

Hope to see you soon Veronica!


Octavia always selects such neat books to read.

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Octavia has just completed all of Roo’s Reading Challenge this term – and her certificate and prize pack is waiting for here at the library!

Always great reading from Selena.

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selSelena is such a fantastic reader and storyteller, Roo always enjoys his sessions with her. Thanks for always being such a great reader and library patron Selena!

A lovely story from Sajge.

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Sajge continues to select wonderful new books to read to Roo on a regular basis.  It’s always awesome to hear you read Sajge!


Nice to meet you Yana.

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Roo thought it was awesome to meet Yana, who came to read to him for the very first time.  Yana is a great, expressive reader and she selected a great book to read.

Hope to see you again real soon Yana!


Thanks for reading to Roo, Sela!

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s2It is always such a neat moment when new friends come to read books to Roo. Sela has been watching others for a while now, and decided it was high time she booked a session and read some stories to Roo as well.
Roo was very pleased to meet Sela, and hopes to see her again soon – as she is an awesome reader and a great selector of wonderful books.

Awesome reading from Hadassah.

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hHadassah is only five years old, and an emerging reader. She loves going to school and loves books with neat pictures and pull out pages. Hadassah read her book beautifully, and Roo looks forward to listening to her again real soon.