Month: May 2014

Wonderful to hear you read again, Justina.

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Roo was most pleased to meet up with one of his best friends again!  Justina has signed up for Roo’s Reading Challenge this term, and started off by reading him two lovely stories – one of which was about a bad dog.  Justina did reassure Roo though, that the story was not about him, but another dog that needed to learn his manners.

Thanks for reading again Justina!


Great to see you again, Selena!

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Roo thought it was great to meet up with Selena again – it had a been a while since they had a catch-up and a reading session.  Selena is a confident and articulate reader, and Roo enjoys spending time with her and listening to the story.

Thanks for all the lovely pats and cuddles while you were reading as well, Selena!

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Tiara came to read to Roo – and was awesome.

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Roo was very pleased to meet Tiara for the first time!  Tiara is a great reader, and Roo thought the added attention she gave him, with lovely pats and cuddles, was really nice as well.

You are a fantastic reader Tiara, and Roo hopes to listen to your stories and receive pats from you again soon!

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Great to meet you Erika.

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It was great for Roo to start of his Term 2 reading sessions by making new friends!  Erika made an appointment and selected a book with plenty of stories in it to read to Roo.  Roo thought her reading skills were awesome, and hopes to hear Erika reading again soon.

Thanks for Reading with Roo, Erika!

Roo’s Reading Challenge for Term 2 – are you ready?

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Roo is back for reading sessions again in Term 2 (starting on Monday) and is looking forward to meetin up with everyone again.  Apart from doing his usual sessions, Roo has decided that he would like to create a bit of a reading challenge for many of his regular reading buddies!reading challenge

This special challenge in Term 2 is appropriately called “Roo’s Reading Challenge”!  This challenge is the first for Roo, and he has limited participation to 25 children.  So if you want to take part, please make sure that you sign up in time.  There will be rewards and a certificate for all those who have completed 6 reading sessions and two very special challenges – and you will have the entire school term to complete it – so plenty of time!

For those who are just too busy – no worries!  Roo is still available for his usual reading sessions, and looks forward to catching up with everyone again and hopefully make some new friends as well.

Happy reading everyone!


What to do with all the ‘overflow’ books?

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Here, Roo is helping Rongo ponder the issue ‘What can we do with all these boxes of overflow books?’ *

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* Sometimes in libraries, we hit what is called ‘overflow’ – where there are just too many books and not enough space on the shelves to fit them all in. So they end up on trolleys, in boxes and crowding every single available space until we find a place to put them.