Month: April 2014

Holding hands and paws.

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Hands holding onto paws – one of the interesting things that can be observed on the quiet when children are busy reading their books to Roo!  It happens when the only voice to be heard is the child’s – totally absorbed in the book they are reading – and slowly, a hand reaches out and touches one of Roo’s front paws.

I love it when this happens – a gently, innocent and totally unplanned gesture of kindness and understanding between the child and Roo, a ‘hey, we understand each other’ moment.  Pure gold.

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Roo is recovering and doing well!

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Roo would like to tell all his friends and well-wishes that he is doing very well, and recovering from the surgery on his toe – but he does find the bandage a bit annoying, because he won’t be able to chase any bunnies this Easter.

See you all again after the holidays, at the start of Term 2 – not only for the normal reading sessions, but also a very special ‘Reading Challenge’ for kids!

Stay tuned for more information soon.

Very nice to meet you, Joseph.

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Roo always enjoys making new friends and listening to new readers during his session.  He was very pleased to meet Joseph, who also read him a lovely story.

Hope to see you again soon, Joseph.


Great to meet you, Avah.

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Avah and her uncle made a long journey after school to come and read to Roo.  Avah is a confident and very able reader, and Roo really enjoyed listening to her great selection of books that she brought along.

Thanks for Reading with Roo, Avah, and we hope to see you again sometime!

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The lovely Mele reading with Roo.

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Wow.  Mele is reading Roo so many books at the moment!  Roo is very impressed with Mele’s excellent efforts and her positive attitude to books and reading!

Keep up the great work, Mele!


Kiwa, Lala and their Nanny came to read to Roo.

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image imageWow, Roo was most impressed when Kiwa, Lala and their Nanny made a special appointment just to read some stories to him.  Nanny just happens to be an awesome reader and storyteller, and then issued the books to take them home to read to Kiwa and Lala again.

Thanks so much for reading with Roo!


Fausitina, you are a fantastic reader.

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It was really great to catch up with Fausitina again, and Roo really enjoyed listening to her read.  Hope to see you again soon, Fausitina!

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