Month: December 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Roo.

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Roo would very much like to wish all his friends and supporters a wonderful Christmas and all the very best for the new year.

Roo will be back at the library on Monday 6 January 2014 to listen to more stories and meet more awesome readers!


Tatiana read in te reo Maori – awesome!

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Tatiana has become the first person ro read to Roo in te reo Maori!   Roo was incredibly impressed with Tatiana’s fluency in two languages, and appreciated her translations into English to help him understand the story.  Tatiana selected Te Mihini Iti Kowhai as her story – and Roo thought the dog in the story was very cool as well.

Thanks Tatiana, you are awesome!tatianaJPG

Roo listened to Nane read a story.

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 Nane dropped in to read a story to Roo as well – encouraged by her younger sister, Josey.

While Nane was reading, her and Josey’s Dad came in and got the girls memberships to the library – awesome Dad!

Thanks for reading to Roo, Nane!

Justina is a regular reader to Roo!

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justina4  Justina reads to Roo on a weekly basis, and always chooses a variety of interesting stories – Justina never reads the same book twice!  Roo thinks that Justina’s reading is just brilliant, and looks forward to more sessions with her.

Thanks Justina!   justina6

Josey finally got to read to Roo.

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josey It was really great when Josey sat down and read Roo some stories – this one about a poor bear with a sore tooth.  Josey is an awesome reader, who had been wanting to read to Roo for some time – thanks Auntie for bringing Josey down to the library! 

Amos is introducing Roo to graphic novels.

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Amos is an excellent reader, and has taken up the challenge of introducing the genre of Graphic Novels to Roo.  Amos reads the text so well, that Roo can fully understand the story, and he liked this one!amos2JPG