Month: November 2013

Fausitina reads to Roo so beautifully!

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fuasitina 3 Fausitina1 Fausitina 2

Fausitina has become a really big supporter of the ‘Reading with Roo’ programme, and is always keen to spend some time with him, and read Roo a wide selection of really great stories. 

Listen to Fausitina’s great reading is really relaxing for Roo, and he is always pleased to see her smiling face.


Adam really enjoyed reading to Roo

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adamAfter meeting Roo while visiting the library, Adam was really keen to read to Roo at the next available appointment.

Roo was very impressed with Adam’s reading skills, and Adam in turn, was impressed by how soft Roo’s fur was (in particular Roo’s very velvety ears!).

Thanks for reading to Roo, Adam!


Marisha reading to Roo

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marisha marisha1Marisha has been another great supporter of the reading dog programme, and regularly drops in to say hello to Roo and read to him.

Thanks for you great reading and nice pats Marisha!

Roo and Raymond = awesome reading!

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raymondRaymond is a huge supporter of this reading programme, and is great friends with Roo!  Raymond is a fantastic reader, and Roo is lucky to hear such great storytelling from a great range of books.  Thanks heaps Raymond!

Hey, where am I?

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If you know that you are somewhere on this blog, but can’t find your picture or your reading session?

Don’t panic!

This blog can be searched via the ‘Search’ box on the right hand side – just put in your name and press ‘Enter’


Look through the ‘Archives‘ section – also located on the right hand side of the page.

Faith and Roo read some books together

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faith3faith2Despite a very busy schedule, Faith took some time to pat Roo and read him some books.

Mele read Roo a wonderful story.

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mele5 mele4  Mele returned to visit and read to Roo (last time she sang such beautiful songs).  Being very considerate and kind, Mele made sure that Roo could see all the pictures in the book she had chosen.