Month: November 2013

Roo loves to hear Adam read.

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adam4Roo and Adam really love their reading sessions together – and Roo is always looking forward to hearing what Geronimo Stilton is up to in Adam’s latest book.

Adam reads and pats Roo at the same time – Roo thinks this is a great arrangement!


Roo loves Willie’s fantastic reading.

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 Willie is such a fantastic reader, that Roo just falls asleep listening to him.  Thanks so much for coming to read to Roo again, Willie!

Lauryn and Leilani came to read to Roo.

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imageSisters Lauryn and Leilani were at Otara Library for an after-school visit with their Nan.  They jumped on the opportunity to book a quick session in the ‘Reading with Roo’ programme – and read Roo a lovely story together.

Thanks girls!

TJ dropped by to say ‘hi’…

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imageTJ is a great supporter of libraries – and he is an amazing and talented artist as well!  Roo found out that books written and illustrated by Dr Suess are a favourite of TJ’s.

Thanks TJ!

Turori chose a NZ book to read to Roo

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turori2turori3turoriTurori decided that only a NZ book would do when it was time to read to Roo.  He selected ‘The Tuatara and the Skink’, which Roo enjoyed so much that he fell asleep.

Roo would also like to thank Turori for the nice cuddles after the storytime!

Harry read some Christmas stories

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harry4JPGHarry is already getting into the Christmas spirit – and choose some Christmas-themed books to read to Roo.