A big thank you and a goodbye – for now.

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This is a sad goodbye from us (for now).

Our year-long pilot program, ‘Reading with Roo’ has come to an end.

 It has been an incredible journey, and without the support of the Otara Community; the kids, the mums and dads, the grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins, brothers and sisters, this reading program would not have never achieved the successes it has.  Thank you Otara, for taking Roo into your hearts and embracing this amazing hound, promoting reading and supporting the library.

Roo not only has friends in Otara but also all over New Zealand, and all over the world – and we thank you all for your support, encouragement and kindness.  “Reading with Roo’ has been pure magic – and a really special project for all of us involved.

Signing off, (for now) with much love and some sadness,

Pritcilla & Roo



Wow! Roo received a special parcel from Japan!

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Something really amazing happened at work this morning – a parcel arrived for Roo and the children of Otara all the way from Japan!  Roo learnt that there is a group of students in Nagoya studying English, and they used an article featuring Roo as a teaching tool.  Their lovely teacher sent a parcel of books to our library and an accompanying letter explaining how our programme ‘Reading With Roo’ was received by the Japanese students.

We are all pretty excited by this, and will use some of the books and the origami papers these school holidays to teach the Otara library kids some interesting things about Japan!


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Beautiful reading from Veronica.

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Roo thought it was great to listen to Veronica read again – she is such a lovely reader and makes a special effort to show Roo all the pictures as well!


Great to catch up with Aydenn again.

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Roo was most pleased to meet up with Aydenn again – and she chose a lovely selection of books to read.  See you again soon, Aydenn!


Roo’s wonderful friends from Bairds Kindergarten came to read with him!

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Roo’s regular weekly appointment with some of the gorgeous kids from Bairds Kindergarten is a real delight.  These budding readers always look forward to sharing their selection of books with Roo – and he always listens carefully to the stories they can create from the pictures and identifying of letters and words.

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Sajge is such a fantastic reader!

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Sajge is always such an awesome reader and selector of fantastic books for Roo to listen to!  We really appreciate your reading sessions Sajge!