In a Throwaway Society:This Dog Matters

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A timely reminder of just how important our wonderful dogs are – thanks to a gorgeous dog called Junior and his mum Jill.

Originally posted on The DailyJunior DogBlog:

Alone, all alone
Nobody, but nobody
Can make it out here alone

. _Maya Angelou

We are a throwaway society. We throw away dogs that don’t seem to matter. They outlive their usefulness, grow too old or require too much time or patience. For many of these once valued pets, the story ends here. But in some cases these dogs get a second chance to fulfill their purpose as companion animals. Some throwaway dogs go on to new lives as companions,therapy dogs and fitness partners .They find their own special way to bring joy to their new human partner. These dogs provide enduring friendship and devotion to the human who adopts them. The stories of these rescued dogs reveal their significant and enduring purpose. They can help human loneliness. Humans and dogs are social animals. We need each other. In a throwaway society, these dogs matter.

In a Throwaway Society, This Dog Matters In a Throwaway Society…

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Welcome back to Term 3 – hope you had a great holiday.

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Wow – these last school holidays went by so fast! Roo really enjoyed his ‘non-working’ time and went on some great outings with this family.
He did a cool bush walk at Totara Park, and enjoyed paddling around in the stream


He also chased a small field mouse, but it was way to quick for him, and disappeared into a hollow in the ground – much to Roo’s confusion!


Roo is back to work now though – so see you all very soon!

It was great to hear you read Andrew!

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Roo loves it when he makes new friends, and was really pleased to meet Andrew (who also really happens to like dogs as well!).  Roo was pretty impressed to hear that Andrew had already written a story about him at school – and that Andrew and his Mum made a special trip to Otara just to read to Roo.

Andrew selected a cool story, and Roo really hopes that he will be able to listen to Andrew read again (and get some more cuddles) in Term 3!

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Its always great to hear Aydenn read!

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Aydenn’s reading just goes from strength to strenght – and she always comes with a pile of fantastic books to read to Roo and take home afterwards!  Have a great holiday Aydenn, and Roo looks forward to catching up with you again next term!

Nice to meet you Yasmine.

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Roo thought it was great to finally meet Yasmine and listen to her read.  Yasmine is a fantastic reader, and Roo hopes to see her again in Term 3!


Nice to meet you Jahua!

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Jahua’s family are massive supporters of Otara Library, so it was great when Jahua managed to book a session to read to Roo.

Roo was pretty lucky – not only is Jahua a fantastic reader, she is also a big fan of dogs, so Roo got plenty of pats and cuddles as well!

Hope to see you again soon, Jahua!


Fantastic to hear Justina reading again.

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It was awesome to finally catch up with Justina again – especially to hear her read a wonderful story.  See you again in Term 3, Justina!